No More Boring Weddings!

Your wedding day is the one occasion that you get to celebrate with your family and closest friends at the same time. This unique combination of ages, backgrounds and tastes requires a DJ that is observant, highly skilled and professional – not just a DJ that pushes buttons.

I started Spontaneous Entertainment in 2004 after hearing from couples who spent a lot of money for their wedding day entertainment, but still weren’t satisfied at the end of their reception. Guests looking at their watches, leaving early and dance floors only being half full are all signs of a boring wedding. Since 1998, I’ve been successful in nightclubs, radio and concert venues – winning multiple awards, opening for Kanye West, Usher, LL Cool J and more. I bring my experience, unique skill set and passion for serving others to your wedding reception to ensure that you and your guests will always remember the amazing time they had at your wedding.

I look forward to speaking with you about your vision for your wedding reception!

Jermaine Jennings (DJ Spontaneous)